Our Roots and Concept


My name is Zuzana Malina Cernohousova and I have been living between Bohemia and Mallorca since 2016.


Inspired by my inner and outer journeys between these two places, and discoveries on the way, I established PHOTOILLUSTRATA contemporary space for art activities, with photography as a main tool to communicate.

We are living in visual times, thus our language is a picture, a photography. 

Photography as a poem, a novel, an essay,

a document, a manipulated object or a pictorial expression.

PHOTOILLUSRATA creative stays and 

workshops connect deep interest in local social, historical and geographical circumstances within Europe and love to art photography.

The roots of my vision are inspired by my life philosophy itself and by a way of life of the Archduke Louis Salvador de Tuscany, European traveller, scientist, writer, nature protector and the big supporter of art and artists, who himself was living between Bohemia and Mallorca.

His devotion to discover and share gained knowledge about various European places enriched very meaningfully our awareness about European culture and perception of its treasures.

I am developing a continuation of such tradition in a form of creative stays 

around various European localities to discover and bring to light important topics within our common history and contemporary life in chosen places.

The participation on a particular 

workshop is based on one's own research and development of visual story through individual art photography language.

The aim is to design and present to audience PHOTOGRAPHY SET, which is beneficial, reacts to chosen locality and at the same time enriches a view on contemporary life in European regions relevant to our connections and roots.