What is our concept


PHOTOILLUSTRATA is a space for gatherings aimed to discover, photograph and design 

visual stories.

We created a concept of creative stays

and residencies, which is connecting deep interest in discovering local social, historical and geographical circumstances and love to art photography.

The project is inspired by a way of life of the Archduke Louis Salvador de Tuscany,

European traveler, scientist, writer, nature protector and a big supporter of art and artists. 

His devotion to discover and share gained knowledge about various European places enriched very meaningfully our European culture and perception of its treasures.

We are developing a continuation of such tradition in a form of creative stays 

around European localities to discover

and bring to light important topics within our common history and contemporary life in chosen places.

We are living in visual times, thus our language is a picture, a photography. 

Photography as a poem, a novel, an essay,

a document, a manipulated object or a pictorial expression.

The participation ona particular 

workshops is based on one's own research 

within chosen place and creating visual story through individual art photography language.

The aim is to design a PHOTOGRAPHY SET, which is benefitial and reacts to chosen locality (city, village, geographical area) and at the same time develops a view on contemporary life in European regions relevant to our connections and roots.