Sat, 05 Mar | Valldemossa

Island Creative 2022 #01 | Son MOSSENYA past and FUTURE (2)

Second photography creative stay and workshop focused on the current situation and the legal case of villa Son Mossenya, its history and possible future as an international art center. Based in Valldemossa environment, finalized by site-specific exhibition with local cooperation and the catalogue.
Island Creative 2022 #01 | Son MOSSENYA past and FUTURE (2)

Time & Location

05 Mar 2022, 13:00 – 15 Mar 2022, 14:00
Valldemossa, 07170 Valldemossa, Balearic Islands, Spain

Workshop details

Within this creative stay and photography workshop we will continue on the contemporary approach to communicate various layers of history, present and possible future of the villa Son Mossenya. The body of work of each participant would not only be an artistic expression of one's perception of this topic, but also should be developing the idea of creating the art center from the villa illegaly taken away from Pilar Montaner, the aunt of the majorcan painter Pilar Montaner de Sureda. 

This project has an aim to point at the long-term unsolved case, which is paralyzing meaningful development at villa Son Mossenya and bring life to its environment. Does it has a chance for a future as a living place hosting various art fields, research and residencies? Does this villa at the sight of every Valldemossa's visitor deserves more, than being wrongly considered as abandoned?

During our creative stay we will focus on development of our ability to pass to audience our various messages. We also develope recognition of our own personal photography language and consult with each other how its perceived. We will learn to be able to talk about it, name it, see things in our own photographies and build the understanable story-line.

The space of Villa Son Mossenya and its surrounding offeres many possibilities for including also other art forms into once expression, as sculptur, etc. 

The result of our photography research would be a final exhibition in site-specific or other chosen form, builded up in exteriors of the villa  and an art catalogue. Gathering will be accompanied by various happening out-door according to the whole group plans and ideas.

To join us, write to or sign in via the webpage form.

Price for participation for 10days is 400euro including accomodation, consultations and production of the exhibition in basic form.  

The event goal is a support for development of Son Mossenya art center idea and everybody is becoming part of the process by participation on these art gatherings.

Memories of Son Mossenya:

Elvira, what is your strongest memories of the Son Mossenya history?

This is the house around 1960, is our donkey “Caravaco” with two boys from Valldemosa, wearing the mallorcan outfit.

I remember playing around the gardens, also our uncle had bees and we helped him to take the honey out.

I remember the big table having lunch or dinner with strong formality, the had a servant at the table and a very good chef.

Catalina, cual es tu memoria mas fuerte conectada con Son Mossenya?

Me acuerdo de pequeña que había en el desván una cocina económica de juguete, que me gustaba mucho..... 

Era como las de verdad pero más pequeña. En la gran despensa tenían ricos jamones y nosotras íbamos y cogíamos 

un poco!

De más mayor, recuerdo que me gustaba mucho el comedor con sus grandes ventanales que salían al parral, 

y en la pared dentro colgados platos de cerámica preciosos. ...... Y el olor a Eucaliptus divino...

Y lo que hacíamos también siendo pequeñas, coger unas hojas de Eucaliptus y meterlas en bolsitas de papel transparente, sacábamos una mesita y los vendiamos a los turistas.

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